Getting My Ducks in a Row Before the Baby Arrives


I’ve been keeping a list for a while of all the things I’m trying to get done before the baby arrives.  I know I’ll never be even close to fully prepared for what I’m about to face, but there are certain things I can do to “get my ducks in a row” that will help!Ducks in a Row

First, a quick update on me…. I’m 32 weeks now, and am doing really well!  I had really bad heartburn for a couple of months, and went from Tums to Zantac, and finally now have relief with Prilosec. I had a little scare last week when the baby wasn’t moving as much as normal for a few days.  I got checked out — apparently it’s totally normal for many woman — and now the baby has been ridiculously active this week! 🙂 It’s been really fun.  I’m moving into my new house this week, so will be able to feel even more settled and ready!

Here’s the list I’m working through:

  • Get baby furniture
  • Sign up for classes
  • Sign my parents up for a Grandparents class
  • Find a Pediatrician
  • Find a daycare center
  • Register (Read Baby Bargains)
  • Figure out how much time to take off from work
  • Pack hospital bag (a few articles here)
  • Install carseat (and get it checked at Police station)
  • Do a hospital tour
  • Buy everything I need for the 1st month and store at a friend’s house (I’m following the Jewish tradition of not having baby items in my home or having my baby shower before the baby is born)
  • Make a short list of baby names
  • Decide if I want an epidural (that’s a definite YES)
  • Make an email list for baby announcement
  • Decide who will be in the delivery room (friend, family, doula)
  • Get in touch with a Night Nurse in case I need it
  • Get in touch with a Moyel (for a bris) and Rabbi (for a baby naming)
  • Create a living will (5 Wishes)
  • Get Life Insurance (best to do this before you start gaining pregnancy weight, trust me!)
  • Work with a lawyer on a Will, Trust, Guardianship, healthcare proxy, power of attorney (blog post coming soon with more info on this)
  • Put together a document for family with all my important financial info and passwords in one place
  • Put together a birth plan (a few articles here)
  • Stock freezer with home cooked meals
  • Watch Happiest Baby on the Block
  • Find out medical coverage for breast pump, prenatal classes, lactation support
  • Line up some support for the couple weeks after I give birth

The Boston Globe had a great article just this week with some more info on some of these items.

I hope this list helps!  Have I missed anything? I still have some time!


6 thoughts on “Getting My Ducks in a Row Before the Baby Arrives

  1. Watch a few of these videos for breast feeding tips  

    My doula recommended them to me and they were great.  When the nurses and lactation consultants were helping me with breast feeding, I knew what they were talking about, because I’d seen it already.  SUCH a huge help!

  2. I didn’t do it but I think given how organized you are- a short letter to and a video for the baby would be nice- to show the kid once it grows up 🙂

    • Great idea! I’ve been meaning to write my own book for the baby, to start explaining early how the single mom thing is possible. I haven’t had the chance yet! The book I bought may have to suffice on this one! 🙂

  3. A thought. I wonder if you’ve been taking pictures of your pregnancy/pregnant belly. Or at least one picture! My mother carried twins and when we were little she’d often say how huge her belly got..but there pictures to back it up despite my dad being a photography buff!. Lots of kids are delighted in seeing those things.

    • Yes! Great idea to add to the list. I do a pic every 2 weeks — side view, same outfit, holding a sign saying how far along I am. Not the most flattering pics 🙂 So, I have those. But, I do need more of me just wearing normal pregnancy clothes, looking nice too. Tx for the reminder!

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