House-Hunting is Turning Me into a Mom


Not only am I getting ready to have a baby, but I’m also selling my condo and buying a new house.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my mind started going into planning mode — I’m a total planner. But, I quickly decided that I didn’t want to start planning anything until the 2nd trimester in case anything went wrong.  The process of getting and staying pregnant can be a long one, so I didn’t want to have things all lined up, and then have something bad happen.  Looking back, I do still think that was the right decision, but there are definitely downsides of doing that!

house in the suburbs

Looking for a new house while being pregnant is one of the downsides.  And, it’s not just because it’s a lot of work, and a million extra things on my mind, but because it’s a total mind shift from being a single woman to being a Mom!  Currently, I live in a condo in the city (technically it’s a town, but really operates and feels like a city)  — I live on a main road, with tons of shops walking distance to my house.  I have no yard, no garage, and I’m very much living the single lifestyle.

But, now I’m buying a house in the suburbs that hopefully I’ll be in for at least the next 10 years!  So when I go looking at houses, I’m thinking about things like:

  • Is this a safe area for my child?
  • Are there a lot of kids in the neighborhood?
  • Is the yard a good yard to play in?
  • How’s the school system?
  • Can my child walk to school when s/he gets older?
  • Is there lead paint in the house?
  • Is there a bath close to the baby’s room?
  • Is there a play room?
  • Where will my baby nap?
  • Is the neighborhood quiet?

I’m having to think about all of these questions even before becoming a Mom!  I don’t know if these things are important to me, or if they’ll really be important to me one day.

So, while this process has been really tough, and quite busy during a time that I want to relax or take care of all the other baby planning I need to do, it has also helped me slowly get used to the idea of becoming a Mom, and not just a lady with a huge belly. But, I’m putting on my big-girl pants (literally!), and pretending I’m a Mom, and I that I know what I’m doing 🙂

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